To achieve these objectives, during the development of the project the following actions / products will be carried out:

1. A study to detect "The main factors of success in the processes of business transfer: Identification of the necessary competences for a satisfactory relay in the familiar companies" by means of the use of different tools of social investigation like interviews or discussion groups with experts And trainers in business transfer.

2. A "Self-assessment tool to know the competences necessary for a satisfactory change in family businesses", so that the professional training students can self-assess their level in each of these skills related to the family business.

3. A "Course for the development of competencies for a satisfactory change in the family business" that can be used by both vocational training teachers in their training programs and directly the students of vocational training. The course will provide different contents for the development of the key competences to carry out a good business transfer process.

4. A "Teacher's Manual for the accreditation of competencies related to the professional family of companies", which will provide the professional training teachers with a methodology to be used with the students of vocational training and so that they can use the tool Of self-evaluation and the course for the development of competences with the objective of obtaining the best results of the students.